Disparity of Accomplishment

Hooray, cried the bird as he started to fly
Go away, hollered the worm as she saw him go by.

We won, praised the coach, with an extraordinary beam.
Good game, the others mumbled towards the winning team

I’m done, she sighed as she handed in the test
Oh no, thought the boy, I need to finish the rest.

Freedom, barked the dog as he tried to run away
Get back here replied the owner, making him stay.

Isn’t it beautiful, he asked, admiring his art?
It’s hideous; she snickered, once they were apart.

Finally, whispered the butterfly, leaving her cocoon.
Not today, chuckled the frog as he snatched her so soon.

It’s a beautiful day, thought the tree as he swayed in the breeze.
Goodness, yelled the bee, I’m going to freeze.

Her first steps, exclaimed the parents all filled with glee.
Not another one, moaned the eldest wanting to flee.

I’m sorry, he said, I don’t understand.
It’s ok, she replied, just take my hand.

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