She is struggling with Math. He has a headache. He rejoices about going back. She cries easily. He is getting married soon. She’s a volunteer. She is almost done University. He hasn’t even thought of applying. She is easily amused. She is encouraging. She has a minor speech impediment. She needs a tutor. She swore. He wants us to be better. She gives advice. He can’t get over her. She was left in an awkward situation. She wants to travel the world. She rolled an ankle. She jumped into a wall. He insulted. She is ready to risk everything. He knows what he wants to do. She has no idea. He is really quiet. She is beautiful. She is the life of the party. She can’t raise one eyebrow. He loves art. She loves tea. He can’t speak Spanish. She has difficulties with French. She can’t wait to graduate. He begs for forgiveness.  He still hasn’t forgiven.
People. How they change. How they love. How they hurt. How they destroy. How they live. How they inspire.
Here’s my thanks.
Happy New Year.

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