I've made it this far

I may never understand how to use trigonometry outside of the classroom.  I may never be able to find a good enough idea for a novel. I may never become great at the techniques of visual art. I may never figure out the importance of conics. I may never be considered musically gifted. I may never save a life. I may never learn to completely appreciate the French language. I may never fulfill my athletic goals and dreams. I may never enjoy a Social Studies class. I may never be known. I may never leave the North. I may never care for the properties of light. I may never see the wonders of the World. I may never be able to hit a birdie. I may never find the answer.
I will be good at what’s important. I will do my best in what’s difficult. I will try to learn what I don’t understand. I will care for the people around me. I will love what is hard to love. I will push to be better in the areas that I struggle with. I will excel in the things I love. I will be Abigail always.
And you can’t take that away from me.

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