I'm a part of that

She didn't want to close her eyes.
It would mark the end,
The disruption of a running trend.
Erased are the years she despised,
No need to remember the better days
She can see the darkness fade.
The heavy weight of compromise
Bore down on feeble shoulders
But you cannot control her.
Free, the caged bird flies
The envy of the clouds
Why could you not look on her, proud.
At the end she did close her eyes
But to the tears they did attend,
Picking up the pieces to mend.
Now it is only you she will despise.
There was no yearning for praise
But that which blocks the sun's rays.
She lost the prize due to compromise.
Will stepping out make her bolder?
Your breath of fire to scold her.
The night is a-lit with fireflies
Filled with the murmur of the crowd
She need do nothing to make them proud.

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