As dear as old friends / This short time will end / I hope this is not pretend
With sun soaked skin / We are pulling the pin / On the days when we were kin
The feeling won't leave my head / So infectious it will spread / Awakening dreams thought to be dead
A wish for more hours / Fermenting fruit is turning sour / I'm in the corner to cower
Did we have enough time? / Will we be forever fine? / This boils my wounds in brine
So many so fast / Another curtain call for the cast / I thought the finale had passed
Now does it even matter? / Come together and then scatter / Present my head on a platter
Grasping with sweaty palms / The sea is no longer calm / Time is a ticking bomb
How many more will handle my soul?
Ripping open the hole
Fuck. I'm losing control.

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