Endless Goodbye

They come and they go
No knowledge of the night
No knowledge of the morn
And we will never know.

Your life for their soul
Trying to save them
Trying to give them
A chance to gain control.

A home for their head
Maybe once more
Maybe never again
No tears can ever be shed.

How you love them so
For a little time only
Only for a little time
Now close your eyes, end the show.

A week is just enough to learn to love.  A year makes it that much harder.  "If I had never loved, I never would have cried."  I'm losing a big part of my heart.  One by one they slip out the door.  Into the unknown, of which I cannot trust.  Is it good enough?  Is it worthy? I will never know.  Just hope.  Just pray.  Be with them please, my Warrior, my Luclas.  I love you.

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