Furious Love

Head in the sand
Glove over hand
Hear no evil, see no evil
Speak no evil, be no evil.

Yet the war still rages on.

Caged hearts and colourless eyes
Deliberately deaf to hear no cries.
Break the bubble, ride out in front.
It's time to take the brunt.

Weapons slung over shoulder:
Neither rock nor boulder.
Vacant look, never smoulder,
Dreary eyes only getting colder.

The battle lies before us,
Yet angels sing in chorus.
Charging forward with all but tact,
Through us, Love.Fights.Back.

Truth be told
We to hold
Lift high the lost
For them, for all, not the cost.

There's a war going on
With hope, standing strong.
Now remove the glove
And portray the furious Love.

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