They're daisies.

[I'll] let go of all I have just to have all of You, and no matter what the cost, I will follow You.  Jesus, everything I've lost I have found in You.  When I finally reach the end I'll say : You are worth it all.
(Worth it All - Ben Cantelon)

A powerful statement.  My heart's desire.  The world I was depending on is crumbling at my feet.  The hand presented before me offers stability and peace.  It's one thing to grab it, but it's another to trust it.  You have to start somewhere.  I reach out.  To feel the grip tighten around my weary hands.  To realize the safety of the warm embrace.  Trust.  Truth.  Hope.  Joy.  Victory.  Peace.

"I consider that [my] present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to [me]. (Romans 8:18)"

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