Just greet it with a smile, and take it by the hand.

A kitchen cannot function with only one set of hands and a Halls wrapper is not enough to rely on for moral support. Giving away a favorite dessert is more valuable than eating it and tea tastes better in a mug. Some people deserve more credit than they receive and a tap on the butt can make everything better. A llama is enough to strengthen a friendship and a shoulder can increase one's humility.

Was it worth it? Did I learn? Will we remember? Remember each other?

I've heard that it takes more than a batch of cookies and a bag of Jaffas to build a bridge between disconnected kindred spirits. Please, no.

Excitement of the new beginnings takes over when talked about in class. But when given time to contemplate, suppressed uncertainty begins to present itself to the unexpecting audience: me. Accepting change has never been my forte.

I'm scared out of my wits. But then again, aren't we all?

We set sail to different ports at the end of the summer. Promise me you won't change... too much.

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