Composure + Consistency

-“Sometimes, you just have to give 125%.”

-- “You’ve just gotta be selfish sometimes.”

-- “If she misses, we run.”

-x- “Push it girls. Keep it up.”

 --- “Stop. Do it again.”

------- “Just stay composed, don’t panic. You’re great.”

-- “Don’t kill yourself out there.”

--- “I know your strengths and weaknesses. I’ll tell them the truth.”

-x- “Come on, you got this!”

--------- “You’re the one they want to beat.”

- “All I need to do is puke, then I will have left everything I have on the court.”

--- “You have a beautiful shot, but when you get amped, its accuracy falters significantly.”

 -x- “Way to hustle.”

----- “Don’t get down on yourself.”

-- “You need to learn how to call for subs. You’ve played almost nonstop, you’re allowed to.”

--- “You HAVE to make good decisions.”

-x- “Allez, allez.”

- “I don’t have skills to give, so I’ll give everything else I have: heart and hustle.”

--- “Push yourself to the max, then push harder.”

-- “Then DUNK IT.”

-- “We may not be the tallest, but we’ll be the fastest and the fittest.”

-x- “This one’s in.”

These may be simple, almost meaningless words filled with grammatical errors, but these are the words that make me want to keep going.

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