The importance of not knowing your favourite number.

Sometimes, I cheat in solitaire and flip four cards. Sometimes, I write in CAPS to make everything less boring. Sometimes, I fall asleep with my basketball. Sometimes, I wear spandex under my jeans. Sometimes, I'd rather eat fruit more than candy. Sometimes, I stutter. Sometimes, I walk into walls and trip over nothing. Sometimes, I make stories about the strangers around me, giving them reasons for being the way they are. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a fairy tale and all the good things that are happening are just a wonderful dream. Sometimes, I leave my mouthwash in my mouth longer than needed. Sometimes, I forget to be grateful for what I have. Sometimes, I eat too much. Sometimes, I draw out plays in the margins of my school work so I don't forget them. Sometimes, I forget my water bottle. Sometimes, I'd rather be alone. Sometimes, I take quick, cold showers. Sometimes, I draw robots. Sometimes, I get annoyed easily. Sometimes, basketball is the only thing that makes sense anymore. And, sometimes, I talk too much. But, life is SWELL.

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