Giraffe, you are breathing down my neck

your nose always in my business

Ms. Penguin, stop talking my ear off for it is driving me insane

at least say something I haven’t heard before

So intelligent and outgoing; Dear Madame Parrot, please stop your boasting

I already realise you top me in everything

Sloth, sir, we are both lazy and pathetic, I understand

but your delusions of superiority pushed me away

Queen Bee, why can’t you stay calm for once? Stop freaking out about everything

it’s called a joke

Dearest Zebra: I know you like to hear your own voice,

but it is resonating in my ear and killing me slowly

You are cocky and conceited and so incredibly annoying,

my friend the Antelope.

Life isn’t always full of put-downs though. I realised that you guys are probably the best people I have ever known though we do have out highs and lows.

So.... Here goes....

TO GIRAFFE: I could never ever live without you.

TO PENGUIN: you are always being yourself, please keep it up, it would do as all some good.

TO PARROT : vous êtes très intelligente. That’s all I can say.

TO SLOTH: I could never forget the fun we have.

TO QUEEN BEE: we have had our better moments.

TO ZEBRA: thank you for always looking out for me.

TO ANTELOPE: you could be worse, so I should be thankful.

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