I could cry myself to sleep
Not needing to count sheep
While a swamp engorphed me
Preventing me to flee

There was another time in my life
Where you could find no strife
Since then
Everything went downhill
Like a throat swallowing a pill

People would tell me there would be a day
Where I would be set free
But I had heard it all before
And didn’t believe a word that came from their mouths

Courage swept over me but
I tripped over a parapet
(the only thing that kept me from going insane)
And felt like I was plummeting to a certain failure
All these definite maybes

Out of order
The only comprehensible words to explain my situation
I’m not poetically correct
I am shorted out

In a day
I could get knocked down
But like a pin
Crash to the ground
And not make a sound

But with one look, one word, one smile

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  1. i love your integration of quotes/song lyrics
    very nice !!! :D