but the fire's out anyway...

In one night, your life goes up in flames. Everything disappears in the smoke. You can’t face the people who arrive for consolation. I arrive. Running. In nought but a small sweater. I am shaken and out of breath. I try to say helpful but only a stutter escapes me. There is no sense to be found in the sounds coming from my mouth. You are trying to act tough and say you’ll get through fine, but I see through the sparkly mask you wear. I overheard people say, “What are you worrying about, the fire’s out, you’ll be ok.” They don’t realise that you lost your life and everything precious to you, but your family; the only people on this earth capable of comforting you. Now under the moonlight and in the leftover heat from the flames, you keep your head up despite the fact the incident left you dead in your tracks. What to do? Tears stream down your face; while a distant fantasy becomes reality.

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